Monday, December 20, 2010


Wow. I cant describe the stress I have has for the past few weeks with these finals. Now that they are over I feel as though I can breathe again :). Considering christmas and everything going on at the same time I took it really well! I cant wait till christmas is over and the new year begins. Im gonna make 2011 a good year for my family, and myself of coarse. I am gonna set some goals and focus on the important things in life considering I am getting older and I thik its time. I would also like to find a part time job during the day for extra income. I have been doing a lot of thinking over the past few weeks and I am turning 25 so its hitting me hard. I am no longer going to be early twenties :(. Having an 8 year old makes me feel 35 so... lol! Basically all I am saying is big changes in the future, oh an hopefully maybe get engaged I mean I only been with my boyfriend for 7 years, HELLO its time lol. Well I wish everyone a very merry christmas and a safe and happy new year. Good luck to everyone in their studies. I am Christina Peterson and I am signing off!

Christina Peterson

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Just rambling

So I finally just got finished decorationg my tree as well as move my living room around so it would fit. My tree looks so beautiful. I also got to finish up some more of my christmas shopping this weekend due to the fact I had an absolutly amazing weekend at work :). I am so looking forward to resting the rest of the night. tromorrow I plan to finish my final projects for botth of my classes. I was wrapping this past week and I hurt my back. I think its time to go see a doctor before I end up with a bad back by 30. I have been in so much pain. I am filling the tub and I am going to lay in that for awhile to see if it loosens it at all. Lets hope so. Well I dont have to much more to write about this week, I will be honest I am kind of tired of writing lol. I am pretty sure this is my last post for this class so I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy new year. Take care!!

Christina Peterson

Monday, December 6, 2010

Anatomy an Physiology

I just got out of seminar for a&pII and I learned some really good information on fluid intake and the blood stream and dehydration. My father has an ongoing battle of having bloody stoold. Also vomiting blood in the morning. I learned that if the blood is coming from two places then hes must be internally bleeding from two different places. So I also learned that if he is bleeding by vomit it could be a bleeding ulcer. If he has blood in his stool and it is red it means he is bleeding from the intestine. If he has blood in the stool and its brown then it has gone through the large intestine from something else. He will not go to the doctor. He hates them! I have been dealing with this for so many years and he just wont go. Anyone have suggestions on what I can do to get his but to the ER???

Christina Peterson

Friday, November 26, 2010

Writing about heroin!

Wrting about the effects of heroin has been very tough considering my brother was an abuser since he was 13 years old. He has put my family through hell. He is now 34 years old and in prison for stealing. He is still considered a drug addict to me because he was using while he got in trouble. When will he get the picture and snap out of it? Researching this has made me realize how hard it is to get away from it and when you do there is always a chance for cravings for the rest of your life. I want to help him get clean when he gets out of jail. I know he will never have a normal life but there is chance for change and to get off of drugs. I cant wait to share my paper with everyone, I found some really good information!

Christina Peterson

Monday, November 22, 2010

The aches and pains of christmas

Oh man! The worst thing is that thanksgiving hasnt even come and gone yet but when I walk in walmart jingle bells is playing. Why is this!! Stop rushing things people lol. So we got almost 4 weeks till christmas and I have done a very small amount of shopping. I did decide to get my son tickets to royal rumble. He is gonna have a blast and I will definatly need to record his facial expressions lol. Can someone say Kodak moment lol. Also other big news, My friend is back from florida and we have caught up so much and im so glad to have her back in my life. I needed to weed out the two faced friends I have had all my life and keep the good ones around. I need uplifting people in my life. I am a manic depressive so people that bring me down and stress me out are not gonna be a part of my life! I hope you all get everything you want done before the holidays. I am thinking about hitting up black friday, anyone know any good deals??

Christina Peterson

Sunday, November 14, 2010


So I went out to lunch with an old friend today. She had just moved back from florida in which she moved to about 3 years ago. She came back pregnant and I couldnt be more happier for her. She is having a boy. Its going to be nice having one of my close friends having the same lifestyle as me with being a mom and all. All my other friends love to party and go out and I dont have the chance to do that. I think there are going to very great times with the two of us to come. I am so excited to rekindle. On another note I still have not yet started my christmas shopping. I was gonna go tonight thinking stores had christmas hours already but everything was closed at 6 so I didnt. At leat I have all day tomorrow to hit up some early sales.

Christina Peterson

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Aaaahhhh sunday's. My day of relaxation, even though I cleaned my house from top to bottom and did laundry all day. I feel like I accomplished something! I am watching my boyfriend get the fireplace going and sitting on my comfy couch and not moving till bed time. I have also been thinking about christmas shopping all day. What am I getting, who wants what, the whole nine basically. My son is 8 and wants a flat screen and a laptop, lol! What do I say to that? If I get him this stuff what would I get him next year a car, lol. My son is very into WWE wrestling so royal rumble is coming to Boston and I think that will really light up his face on christmas morning to get tickets, so I think that will be my girft to him the rest is from old saint nick. Any body have advice about the paper jams? Are they worth buying or will they be ruined in a few days? What to do, what to do? Any advice for 8 year old boys that think they are a teenager and what to get them will be very much appreciated. Have a nice week.


Monday, November 1, 2010

What a week!!!

So.. Halloween was awesome. Well the night before anyway. We went to a party and got all dressed up. I was a rock star and Joe was bob Marley. It was a great success. I haven't been out with other people in a long time because I normally work at night so its so hard. Then Sunday comes along and I got only 20 trick or treaters. What is this world coming to. Its really sad! My son got about a half a big bag of candy. He probably wont even eat 1 piece. He isnt big on candy. Now the big one. I found someone to take my dog. He needed a bigger yard and someone to give him more attention then I could. I am hardly home so it was very unfair. I think I found a great family to take care of him so I am happy. I did have to make a deal with my son to get him WWE 2011 video game and he excepted :) No school tomorrow for my son so I am sure he will be playing all day. I am pretty much going to bed I am exhausted so goodnight blogger fans


Monday, October 25, 2010

Opening Blog

Wow its been so long since I have done this. I really don't know what to say its been so long. I can say that I am really enjoying my two classes that I just started.. I have already learned a ton and my comp class is getting me back into writing. I am so looking forward to the upcoming weeks. My job is going great. My son and my family are healthy so That makes for a satisfied Christina! I am sitting by the fire ready for some relaxation. good night!