Monday, November 1, 2010

What a week!!!

So.. Halloween was awesome. Well the night before anyway. We went to a party and got all dressed up. I was a rock star and Joe was bob Marley. It was a great success. I haven't been out with other people in a long time because I normally work at night so its so hard. Then Sunday comes along and I got only 20 trick or treaters. What is this world coming to. Its really sad! My son got about a half a big bag of candy. He probably wont even eat 1 piece. He isnt big on candy. Now the big one. I found someone to take my dog. He needed a bigger yard and someone to give him more attention then I could. I am hardly home so it was very unfair. I think I found a great family to take care of him so I am happy. I did have to make a deal with my son to get him WWE 2011 video game and he excepted :) No school tomorrow for my son so I am sure he will be playing all day. I am pretty much going to bed I am exhausted so goodnight blogger fans


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  1. Hi Christina - I'm glad this worked! Welcome to blogging!