Monday, November 22, 2010

The aches and pains of christmas

Oh man! The worst thing is that thanksgiving hasnt even come and gone yet but when I walk in walmart jingle bells is playing. Why is this!! Stop rushing things people lol. So we got almost 4 weeks till christmas and I have done a very small amount of shopping. I did decide to get my son tickets to royal rumble. He is gonna have a blast and I will definatly need to record his facial expressions lol. Can someone say Kodak moment lol. Also other big news, My friend is back from florida and we have caught up so much and im so glad to have her back in my life. I needed to weed out the two faced friends I have had all my life and keep the good ones around. I need uplifting people in my life. I am a manic depressive so people that bring me down and stress me out are not gonna be a part of my life! I hope you all get everything you want done before the holidays. I am thinking about hitting up black friday, anyone know any good deals??

Christina Peterson


  1. Hey chick, It is Monday and I did hit up black friday! I got so many good deals especially at JC Penny! I won't tell you how good just in case you didn't go! About the weeding out of all the bad friends, I am right there with you! I have one true girly friend and I am truly happy with her! Just for the record, I hope you do keep all the bad ones out! People that are fake and backstabbers should be ashamed of themselves! I hope your thanksgiving was wonderful and you have a great rest of the year and with Christmas especially!

  2. Hey thanks!! An d yes DRAMA stinks!!!! Merry Christmas