Monday, December 6, 2010

Anatomy an Physiology

I just got out of seminar for a&pII and I learned some really good information on fluid intake and the blood stream and dehydration. My father has an ongoing battle of having bloody stoold. Also vomiting blood in the morning. I learned that if the blood is coming from two places then hes must be internally bleeding from two different places. So I also learned that if he is bleeding by vomit it could be a bleeding ulcer. If he has blood in his stool and it is red it means he is bleeding from the intestine. If he has blood in the stool and its brown then it has gone through the large intestine from something else. He will not go to the doctor. He hates them! I have been dealing with this for so many years and he just wont go. Anyone have suggestions on what I can do to get his but to the ER???

Christina Peterson


  1. Christina - have you explained to him what it means? Does he have a family doctor? Maybe it would be better for him to see a doc in the office rather than the ER?? Good luck!

  2. Thanks Professor. I really need it. I just found out how to check my own comments lol. Figures now that the class is over.