Sunday, November 7, 2010


Aaaahhhh sunday's. My day of relaxation, even though I cleaned my house from top to bottom and did laundry all day. I feel like I accomplished something! I am watching my boyfriend get the fireplace going and sitting on my comfy couch and not moving till bed time. I have also been thinking about christmas shopping all day. What am I getting, who wants what, the whole nine basically. My son is 8 and wants a flat screen and a laptop, lol! What do I say to that? If I get him this stuff what would I get him next year a car, lol. My son is very into WWE wrestling so royal rumble is coming to Boston and I think that will really light up his face on christmas morning to get tickets, so I think that will be my girft to him the rest is from old saint nick. Any body have advice about the paper jams? Are they worth buying or will they be ruined in a few days? What to do, what to do? Any advice for 8 year old boys that think they are a teenager and what to get them will be very much appreciated. Have a nice week.


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